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Weekend of Clay FUN!


My guild held their Winter Weekend of Clay!

This is always a fun filled weekend of creative learning and fun conversations!

This delightful extruded cane class was taught by Lisa G.

She is a canning wizard and she figured out how to make this Bargello cane.

 Better yet she explained each step so perfectly even I ended up with a great cane.

It was a blast to hear a room FULL of Makin’s Clay Extruders ALL squeaking in unison!

It all started with JUST one disc #7 from the set that comes with the Extruder.


Extruded-cane-3-16Lisa-g-cane-single-3-16Lisa-G-cane-double-3-16-CarThere are so many possibilities with this fun design!

BOH-with-Box-Lisa-G-class-3I will post the other classes Very soon!

Having a Real BALL !


Steampunk infiity orb

I have had soo much fun this last year working with Makin’s Clay as a design team member! This is a project I have been trying to perfect for some time now. It really shows off how flexible Makin’s clay REALLY is after it is cured. This piece has no SUBSTRUCTURE it is only Makin’s Clay and my beloved Swellegant for the finish!

Here are some pics of the ball as well as the plain white prototype ball from white clay. I think the plain white ball will be great for a 3 D Zentangle piece to doodle on!!!!

Trio of clay balls

This is currently my new OBSESSION!!

I’m sure exploring the possibilities of this design will keep me busy for quite some time!

You can find all my other past creations and obsessions of these pages!

My Flickr page Under Compelled Crafts (hence the obsession thingy)

Pinterest page

Facebook page

and my Brand new Twitter page




My Ever Changing Heart

You NEVER know what beneath and our hearts are EVER Changing.


This statement necklace is only about 1 ½ inches wide and 2 ½ inches high, but it has a big fun impact!

I had a blast using alcohol inks for the 1st time on Makin’s Clay®

I love that Makin’s clay is so flexible that is the only way I could pull off this particular design.

You can go see how I made this necklace on the Makin’s Clay page!


Fill 2016 With HOPE— Bottles of Hope !

That is my only resolution for this year!  I would like to fill people’s heart’s with hope and love. These little Bottles of Hope are the tool to achieve this.

This simple but elegant bottle in a Faux Wedgewood look only takes about 10mins to make but the impact it will have on a cancer patient that might be having a particularly rough day of chemo is HUGE!


Lets flood the polymer clay websites with EVERYONE’s Bottles of Hope. See Diane’s inspiring story of how she                      started Bottles of Hope  in 1999.

Really all it took was blending the peach from the earth tones collection and the Blue( F and F) on the Makin’s Clay mixing ruler  and then roll out the sheet to cover the bottle  and then I press some white clay into the Florals mold, and then adhere to the bottle.

Scroll in floral mold

Follow Your Own Path

Yes I’m like many others out there and I love The Wizard of Oz……….

Tin Man moves you 2015 This was my December project for Makin’s Clay you can see the details on the Makin’s Clay blog . I really enjoyed creating this project and took advantage of the Makin’s Clay double sided spinning frame!

On the reverse side I have the famous quote from the Wizard Himself ! But what I don’t show is the Tin Man’s reply. “I know but I STILL want one! ”

Remember follow YOUR own PATH by Following your heart!



Praying for a Christmas Miracle

Bottles of Hope 2015

As we all rush around this holiday season being “oh sooo BUSY” lets take a moment to remember that some folks will be spending the holiday in a hospital or in hospice, while their family members and friends  are praying for a Christmas Miracle.

These are just the current Bottles of Hope that will be brought to the local hospital to be given to the nurses who work on the Chemo ward. What are Bottles of Hope ? Well as Marie Segal said in this interview “There is a little bit a magic that people put inside these bottles”

I’m so honored to be a part of this type of creative community and the fact that the nurses give these bottles to patients just when they may need that little bit of lift me up after a trying day it adds to the love and magic that each bottle contains.

Please to all my polymer clay creative friends just take a few minutes even use your scrap clay from a current project to make a Bottle of Hope to give to the hospitals at this time of year.


My Fairy God Mother of Color

I get by with a little help from my friends!

One of my biggest challenges has been mixing the colors I want and getting the perfect color palette. Now thanks to Nancy Ulrich and her new Color Mixr App I can mix colors WITHOUT pulling out my hair and WITHOUT wasting clay guessing the color ratios. This app lets you use whatever picture inspires you and then it breaks it down by the colors you want and then it shows you HOW to mix those colors using either Premo or Fimo.

Here I have shown you what my inspiration pic was after it was loaded to the Color Mixr and I have the screen that shows how to mix each color and then my VERY HAPPY results! As you can see I used the colors in a skinner blend to come up with these great blends. Have you ever done a skinner blend and just gotten MUD??? Well this App will make sure the colors are complementary you can look and adjust them in your mixing wheel.

This design was thanks to my  guild friend and mentor Diane Villano this is a class she taught for her technique Airbrushed beads. Diane teaches many of her classes at this great shop in Cheshire Ct Kandu Beads check out their webpage for more upcoming  classes!

Check out Nancy’s page for more great info on her Color Mixr app

Screen shots of Color Mixr 10-15 Carole M

Paying My Dues Tuesdays (Makin faces)

PicMonkey CollageMakin Faces

Most nights you can find me on my couch watching my favorite shows with my hubby. But I am Never still! On my lap is my little lap desk and a small tile with a lump of clay on it.

I’m hunched over; much to the chagrin of my physical therapist practicing my sculpting techniques. Most of these faces will NEVER see the heat of my oven and most just get SQUISHED back up into the same lump of clay. I try to sculpt one face a night JUST for practice. I have started at least taking pictures of my faces so I can track my “hopeful” progression.

I have many tools that I have used to sculpt and while they are good I could not use them to make small faces to fit on my cameo pins and my delicate Fae-cicles. UNTIL NOW!

I received my Makin’s Clay® professional tools kit and needless to say I ripped into it AS soon as I heard the mailman drop it at the door. The male dude to say the least is a bit scared of me! lol

 The housework was derailed yet again!

With my Makin’s  Clay pro tool set I can make my own custom tools so I only have the 2 tools on my lil lap desk(which are actually 4 tools with the double ends) instead of 4 or 5. The pro tools  have sped up my sculpting time since I spend less time groping for the tool I need I just spin it around to the other end !

There is even a great Makin’s Clay professional tools Tips and Techniques  click on it!

This is ALL part of my Paying My Dues TUESDAYS schedule. I also practice my color mixing as well as palette ensembles and new techniques. More of my Paying My Dues Tuesdays will be posted and you can suffer along with me!

I was so excited by my new Pro tools I bought Dawn M Schiller’s spectacular book Fae Maker check it out here !

One of the large guys sculpted was supposed to be an elf  but ….he looked more like Vinny Barbarino from Welcome Back Kotter with his smirk on his face so I gave him some hair to match.  If you want to see more of my work check out my FLICKR

I know I still have so much to learn(like making Ears!) and I’m STILL in sponge mode and I hope to ALWAYS be learning all the time. I will show you all my Epic fails and well as a triumph here and there !

I GOT your back! The easy way…..

Makin’s Clay® has got your back!!


Extruded back



All you need is your Ultimate clay Extruder and Disc # 17 the triangle from the original disc set that comes with this extruder and the Makin’s Clay clay core adapters is the SHHHH secret weapon to make this so easy. Just load the extruder with your clay add the core adapter od your choice and then the triangle disc so in one step you get the shape you want with a hole in the center. I like to cover that with one last thin layer of matching clay to polish the look and guarantee it will stay in place.