Bras for a Cause October 2015
Finished project with the help of Color mixr app
Bargello painted desert colors 2015
One of my Fae Christmas Ornaments
It is time for the 2015 Cameo-ooohs
Makin’s clay extruder with square disc. Carole
2nd generation Carole M
3rd generation necklace Carole Monahan 2015
3 variations on a theme Carole Monahan 2015
1st attempt necklace. NYc cab carole Monahan
Lechku from PS3 Okami
infinate blue sky Raven 2012
Infinate Blue Sky Raven 2012
Celtic Owl Framed wall piece 8X10
Springtime Owl Framed wall piece 8X10
My Mass Mobious Necklace as seen in Polymer Cafe’ October 2013
Assorted Bambooya Beads from Polymer Café April 2012 tutorial
Bambooya Bead with Godess — Carole Monahan 2012
Bambooya Bead 3 strand necklace Sun Sea and Sand Carole Monahan 2015
Bambooya Bead Necklace as seen in Polymer cafe’ Magazine April 2012














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