Praying for a Christmas Miracle

Bottles of Hope 2015

As we all rush around this holiday season being “oh sooo BUSY” lets take a moment to remember that some folks will be spending the holiday in a hospital or in hospice, while their family members and friends  are praying for a Christmas Miracle.

These are just the current Bottles of Hope that will be brought to the local hospital to be given to the nurses who work on the Chemo ward. What are Bottles of Hope ? Well as Marie Segal said in this interview “There is a little bit a magic that people put inside these bottles”

I’m so honored to be a part of this type of creative community and the fact that the nurses give these bottles to patients just when they may need that little bit of lift me up after a trying day it adds to the love and magic that each bottle contains.

Please to all my polymer clay creative friends just take a few minutes even use your scrap clay from a current project to make a Bottle of Hope to give to the hospitals at this time of year.


For the REAL Angels a lil angel

The guild I belong to donate their time, love and creativity all the time to community events like this one. That is just one of the reasons I feel so grateful to be a member of this group.

image001Here is my little angel. I made her for a really great cause. She will be joined with many many more polymer clay ornaments that will adorn a decorated Christmas tree for the  26th Annual Ronald McDonlad house Trees for Hope auction.

I will make sure I take tons of pictures of all the ornaments that will decorate this tree!

If you would like to see how I made this little angel I have all the step by steps pictures and details on the                             Makin’s Clay blog.

I also riffed on this idea and Made these cute little contemporary looking Christmas trees. You can look on my Facebook page for the quick photos that show all my steps to make the trees as well. The trees like the angle can either be free standing or strung to hang on your tree. Tree-Table-over-lite-CU-11-


My Fairy God Mother of Color

I get by with a little help from my friends!

One of my biggest challenges has been mixing the colors I want and getting the perfect color palette. Now thanks to Nancy Ulrich and her new Color Mixr App I can mix colors WITHOUT pulling out my hair and WITHOUT wasting clay guessing the color ratios. This app lets you use whatever picture inspires you and then it breaks it down by the colors you want and then it shows you HOW to mix those colors using either Premo or Fimo.

Here I have shown you what my inspiration pic was after it was loaded to the Color Mixr and I have the screen that shows how to mix each color and then my VERY HAPPY results! As you can see I used the colors in a skinner blend to come up with these great blends. Have you ever done a skinner blend and just gotten MUD??? Well this App will make sure the colors are complementary you can look and adjust them in your mixing wheel.

This design was thanks to my  guild friend and mentor Diane Villano this is a class she taught for her technique Airbrushed beads. Diane teaches many of her classes at this great shop in Cheshire Ct Kandu Beads check out their webpage for more upcoming  classes!

Check out Nancy’s page for more great info on her Color Mixr app

Screen shots of Color Mixr 10-15 Carole M

Paying My Dues Tuesdays (Makin faces)

PicMonkey CollageMakin Faces

Most nights you can find me on my couch watching my favorite shows with my hubby. But I am Never still! On my lap is my little lap desk and a small tile with a lump of clay on it.

I’m hunched over; much to the chagrin of my physical therapist practicing my sculpting techniques. Most of these faces will NEVER see the heat of my oven and most just get SQUISHED back up into the same lump of clay. I try to sculpt one face a night JUST for practice. I have started at least taking pictures of my faces so I can track my “hopeful” progression.

I have many tools that I have used to sculpt and while they are good I could not use them to make small faces to fit on my cameo pins and my delicate Fae-cicles. UNTIL NOW!

I received my Makin’s Clay® professional tools kit and needless to say I ripped into it AS soon as I heard the mailman drop it at the door. The male dude to say the least is a bit scared of me! lol

 The housework was derailed yet again!

With my Makin’s  Clay pro tool set I can make my own custom tools so I only have the 2 tools on my lil lap desk(which are actually 4 tools with the double ends) instead of 4 or 5. The pro tools  have sped up my sculpting time since I spend less time groping for the tool I need I just spin it around to the other end !

There is even a great Makin’s Clay professional tools Tips and Techniques  click on it!

This is ALL part of my Paying My Dues TUESDAYS schedule. I also practice my color mixing as well as palette ensembles and new techniques. More of my Paying My Dues Tuesdays will be posted and you can suffer along with me!

I was so excited by my new Pro tools I bought Dawn M Schiller’s spectacular book Fae Maker check it out here !

One of the large guys sculpted was supposed to be an elf  but ….he looked more like Vinny Barbarino from Welcome Back Kotter with his smirk on his face so I gave him some hair to match.  If you want to see more of my work check out my FLICKR

I know I still have so much to learn(like making Ears!) and I’m STILL in sponge mode and I hope to ALWAYS be learning all the time. I will show you all my Epic fails and well as a triumph here and there !

I GOT your back! The easy way…..

Makin’s Clay® has got your back!!


Extruded back



All you need is your Ultimate clay Extruder and Disc # 17 the triangle from the original disc set that comes with this extruder and the Makin’s Clay clay core adapters is the SHHHH secret weapon to make this so easy. Just load the extruder with your clay add the core adapter od your choice and then the triangle disc so in one step you get the shape you want with a hole in the center. I like to cover that with one last thin layer of matching clay to polish the look and guarantee it will stay in place.




Genius !

Klay Away 2015  New Hampshire

This was my 1st Klay Away Retreat and I had a BLAST !

If you have never been to a polymer clay retreat I highly recommend it! Everyone is so kind and supportive and so much FUN! Folks travel from far and wide for these 4 day events. One such traveler was Pat G; she and Diane N came all the way from Ontario (yea it is THAT FUN! )

Pat was one of the teachers giving demos this year. She was nice enough to share her tips and tricks with the gang. One of her tricks was this amazing and creative idea for holding her Makin’s Clay Ultimate Extruder. She just “Macgyvered” it using what she had in her basement. She took the hardware used to hold a broom and mop handles and added it to a piece of wood and then clamped the whole thing down to her table. This helps her control the flow of the clay as it comes out. She showed the group how to make her extruded canes as seen here. I only wish you could feel them to see how they feel like glass. Pat is one of those patient people and she sands and buffs her pieces till they have a smooth gloss finish!

What is your favorite handmade tool?


Pat Ghadbane Klay away 2015 class

Light the Night Right


A Great Quick Housewarming Gift

Tea light covered in Makin's Clay
Tea light covered in Makin’s Clay

This fun easy to make glass candle votive was covered using Makin’s Clay. The clay is air curedd and stays VERY flexible when it is dry so I can easily cover the round glass votive even though I let it dry flat!

1 Votive 2 pics 7-15 Carole Monahan


2 votive texture 7-15 Carole Monahan

3Votive slits 7-15 carole Monahan

4Votive glue and edge 7-15 Carole Monahan



My June project for Makin’s Clay

Baroque Style Earrings


Makin's Clay Tutorial for June by Carole Monahan
Makin’s Clay Tutorial for June by Carole Monahan


I have my 3rd detailed Tutorial that JUST came out on the Makin’s Clay® Blog

You can see all the details on how to make these great earrings plus all the amazing tips and trick and tutorials to look and learn from!

Just follow this link below to see all sorts of fun SUMMER TIME projects!

Remember this is ALL AIR DRY CLAY so do don’t have to turn on your oven and heat up the house!

Click here for more FUN !

Carole’s June project


Remember Be Boundless Be Creative !

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The Evolution of an Idea

Getting an idea out of my head and on my wrist !

3 variations on a theme  Carole Monahan 2015
3 variations on a theme
Carole Monahan 2015

The idea was great the Classic NYC checkered cab…… This was 2013 and I’m STILL “working” on THIS one idea!

I have come a long way from my 1st attempt. This shows the 1st time I tried to make this idea come to life I cut the squares out by hand and tried to line them up and then reduce the cane with out distorting the cane.(did I mention it was also my 1st attempt to do any caning?)

This 1st bracelet I brought to my very 1st Southern Connecticut Polymer Clay guild  Meeting to ask for some advice. My now Guild Buddy Debbie G told me I would be better off using an Extruder… EXTRUDER I ASK What the hell is that ???

1st attempt next to  final attempt with the correct tools!   Carole Monahan
1st attempt next to final attempt with the correct tools!
Carole Monahan



Well it is a LIFE and GAME CHANGER is what an Extruder is !!!!  It made my idea come to life and greatly reduced my cursing!

Sooo much easier

Makin's clay extruder with square disc. Carole
      Makin’s clay extruder with square disc. Carole


I’m STILL changing the design and exploring where I can go with this! Never give up on an idea! Always reach out to others for advice. If you are not in a guild FIND ONE ! If there is not one near go on line and join on line groups via Facebook. I see so much wonderful and constructive feed back given on line in the Polymer Clay community.  More great articles to come regarding the FUN and loving world of Polymer clay artists.

1st attempt necklace.  NYc cab carole Monahan
   1st attempt necklace.
NYc cab carole Monahan


2nd generation Carole M
                         2nd generation Carole M
3rd generation necklace Carole Monahan 2015
3rd generation necklace Carole Monahan 2015


Viral Spiral with Makin’s Clay

The Viral Spiral Necklace

My Viral Spiral necklace made with Makin's Clay.  FUN FAST and EASY !
My Viral Spiral necklace made with Makin’s Clay.
FUN FAST and EASY !  Carole Monahan 6-12-15


This Makin’s Clay® project is SO fun SO Fast and SOOO EASY!

I tried to make this several times but it never came out right….

With theMakin’s clay it was so much easier since it stays VERY flexible after

it cures. I have always loved the extruded necklaces from Nan Roche and from

Angela Garrod. I even have a magazine tutorial and I was not able to get the results I wanted

until I tried it with the No bake Makin’s clay.


All you will need is —–

2 oz of Makin’s Clay® I used Neon Pink and Neon Orange




And the Makin’s Clay® Ultimate Extruder

extruderand 1-2 wooden dowels to wrap the clay around while it is drying.




To finish the necklace you will need some beadstringing wire

A lobster claw clasp and

2 jump rings and 2 crimp beads

2 large beads as end caps to hold the spiral in place

and some Beacon tacky glue to secure the end of the spirals to the beads


Here I just filled the entire tube of the extruder with the 1 color of the clay.

Step 1 Empty the entire tube I found that makes the perfect amount to wrap around a dowel and form a 18″ necklace. Repeat this with the other color as well. Spiral-extruded-spagetti--6






Step 2 Wrap the extruded clay onto a dowel of the desired size. Do this quickly before the clay starts to cure it is a thin piece so it will cure quickly. I still let it sit over night on the dowel for it to really hold it’s shape.

Step 2 Clay drying on dowels
Step 2 Clay drying on dowels

Step 3 Gently remove the cure clay from the dowel and then you can merge the 2 colors together as seen in Step 4


Step 3


Step 4
Step 4









Step 5 Stringing. You make sure the bead stringing wire goes through the center of both spiral add the large bead and then finisg as usual with the crimp bead and lobster claw clasp as shown in step 5 close up.

Step 5
Step 5




That’s ALL THERE is TO THAT ! Now where your new work of art proudly !