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For the REAL Angels a lil angel

The guild I belong to donate their time, love and creativity all the time to community events like this one. That is just one of the reasons I feel so grateful to be a member of this group.

image001Here is my little angel. I made her for a really great cause. She will be joined with many many more polymer clay ornaments that will adorn a decorated Christmas tree for the  26th Annual Ronald McDonlad house Trees for Hope auction.

I will make sure I take tons of pictures of all the ornaments that will decorate this tree!

If you would like to see how I made this little angel I have all the step by steps pictures and details on the                             Makin’s Clay blog.

I also riffed on this idea and Made these cute little contemporary looking Christmas trees. You can look on my Facebook page for the quick photos that show all my steps to make the trees as well. The trees like the angle can either be free standing or strung to hang on your tree. Tree-Table-over-lite-CU-11-


What the Duck ?

How my chore became my obsession passion!

It ALL began in 2009 my daughter and I were doing some spring cleaning. From under her bed we pulled out the plastic bin of craft supplies.

In there were your usual suspects: glue-That dried up

markers- dried up

pipe cleaners, wooden sticks

paint-yup you guessed it- dried up!    The one thing that was NOT dried up were several packets of Sculpey Polymer clay! We HAD to make sure they were still good to use soooooo my daughter made a cute purple dino and I made this little tiny harmless looking rubber ducky!

Needless to say no other house cleaning got done that day. Polymer clay has been an impediment to me becoming the next Martha S ever since!

My 1st polymer clay creation. from 2009 made to raise money for my MS walk team called The Zippity Do Das
My 1st polymer clay creation. from 2009 made to raise money for my MS walk team called The Zippity Do Das

Who knew 6 years later  THIS would be such a huge part of my life!!!

I’m still trying to learn as much as I can about this WONDERFUL medium and I would like to take you on my journey of learning and share the good the bad and my EPIC FAILS with you!