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Genius !

Klay Away 2015  New Hampshire

This was my 1st Klay Away Retreat and I had a BLAST !

If you have never been to a polymer clay retreat I highly recommend it! Everyone is so kind and supportive and so much FUN! Folks travel from far and wide for these 4 day events. One such traveler was Pat G; she and Diane N came all the way from Ontario (yea it is THAT FUN! )

Pat was one of the teachers giving demos this year. She was nice enough to share her tips and tricks with the gang. One of her tricks was this amazing and creative idea for holding her Makin’s Clay Ultimate Extruder. She just “Macgyvered” it using what she had in her basement. She took the hardware used to hold a broom and mop handles and added it to a piece of wood and then clamped the whole thing down to her table. This helps her control the flow of the clay as it comes out. She showed the group how to make her extruded canes as seen here. I only wish you could feel them to see how they feel like glass. Pat is one of those patient people and she sands and buffs her pieces till they have a smooth gloss finish!

What is your favorite handmade tool?


Pat Ghadbane Klay away 2015 class