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Paying My Dues Tuesdays (Makin faces)

PicMonkey CollageMakin Faces

Most nights you can find me on my couch watching my favorite shows with my hubby. But I am Never still! On my lap is my little lap desk and a small tile with a lump of clay on it.

I’m hunched over; much to the chagrin of my physical therapist practicing my sculpting techniques. Most of these faces will NEVER see the heat of my oven and most just get SQUISHED back up into the same lump of clay. I try to sculpt one face a night JUST for practice. I have started at least taking pictures of my faces so I can track my “hopeful” progression.

I have many tools that I have used to sculpt and while they are good I could not use them to make small faces to fit on my cameo pins and my delicate Fae-cicles. UNTIL NOW!

I received my Makin’s Clay® professional tools kit and needless to say I ripped into it AS soon as I heard the mailman drop it at the door. The male dude to say the least is a bit scared of me! lol

 The housework was derailed yet again!

With my Makin’s  Clay pro tool set I can make my own custom tools so I only have the 2 tools on my lil lap desk(which are actually 4 tools with the double ends) instead of 4 or 5. The pro tools  have sped up my sculpting time since I spend less time groping for the tool I need I just spin it around to the other end !

There is even a great Makin’s Clay professional tools Tips and Techniques  click on it!

This is ALL part of my Paying My Dues TUESDAYS schedule. I also practice my color mixing as well as palette ensembles and new techniques. More of my Paying My Dues Tuesdays will be posted and you can suffer along with me!

I was so excited by my new Pro tools I bought Dawn M Schiller’s spectacular book Fae Maker check it out here !

One of the large guys sculpted was supposed to be an elf  but ….he looked more like Vinny Barbarino from Welcome Back Kotter with his smirk on his face so I gave him some hair to match.  If you want to see more of my work check out my FLICKR

I know I still have so much to learn(like making Ears!) and I’m STILL in sponge mode and I hope to ALWAYS be learning all the time. I will show you all my Epic fails and well as a triumph here and there !