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Viral Spiral with Makin’s Clay

The Viral Spiral Necklace

My Viral Spiral necklace made with Makin's Clay.  FUN FAST and EASY !
My Viral Spiral necklace made with Makin’s Clay.
FUN FAST and EASY !  Carole Monahan 6-12-15


This Makin’s Clay® project is SO fun SO Fast and SOOO EASY!

I tried to make this several times but it never came out right….

With theMakin’s clay it was so much easier since it stays VERY flexible after

it cures. I have always loved the extruded necklaces from Nan Roche and from

Angela Garrod. I even have a magazine tutorial and I was not able to get the results I wanted

until I tried it with the No bake Makin’s clay.


All you will need is —–

2 oz of Makin’s Clay® I used Neon Pink and Neon Orange




And the Makin’s Clay® Ultimate Extruder

extruderand 1-2 wooden dowels to wrap the clay around while it is drying.




To finish the necklace you will need some beadstringing wire

A lobster claw clasp and

2 jump rings and 2 crimp beads

2 large beads as end caps to hold the spiral in place

and some Beacon tacky glue to secure the end of the spirals to the beads


Here I just filled the entire tube of the extruder with the 1 color of the clay.

Step 1 Empty the entire tube I found that makes the perfect amount to wrap around a dowel and form a 18″ necklace. Repeat this with the other color as well. Spiral-extruded-spagetti--6






Step 2 Wrap the extruded clay onto a dowel of the desired size. Do this quickly before the clay starts to cure it is a thin piece so it will cure quickly. I still let it sit over night on the dowel for it to really hold it’s shape.

Step 2 Clay drying on dowels
Step 2 Clay drying on dowels

Step 3 Gently remove the cure clay from the dowel and then you can merge the 2 colors together as seen in Step 4


Step 3


Step 4
Step 4









Step 5 Stringing. You make sure the bead stringing wire goes through the center of both spiral add the large bead and then finisg as usual with the crimp bead and lobster claw clasp as shown in step 5 close up.

Step 5
Step 5




That’s ALL THERE is TO THAT ! Now where your new work of art proudly !